What we do

Enabling a cleaner, sustainable, and abundant future

Penn Renewables partners with landowners and local communities to develop renewable energy projects that are environmentally friendly and safe, and that provide much-needed economic support. Landowners acquire reliable revenue streams regardless of economic conditions, and communities benefit from a stimulated local economy.

We’re keenly aware that every landowner’s situation is unique and that properties differ by location. All conversations start with understanding concerns, challenges, and goals to ensure a high comfort level throughout project development, construction, and operational phases.


We approach every project through the eyes of the landowner

Penn Renewables is committed to helping landowners realize the full potential of their property while preserving it for future generations. Our solutions generate new, reliable, and long-term revenue streams without compromising the landowner’s control or legacy of the land. Renewable energy is clean by nature, with no emissions; it is relatively quiet, if not silent, and will leave land precisely as it was after decommissioning.

We approach every solar, energy storage, and wind project through the eyes of the landowner – what’s right for them, their family, their property, and their community. We stand by them and other stakeholders through every step to ensure that projects produce sustainable energy and tangible benefits spanning decades.


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Landowner benefits

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Income security

Unlike other land use, renewable energy table costs provide a stable income for years, regardless of uncertain economies.

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Dual-use land

Many of our projects allow landowners to continue using the land for agricultural purposes parallel to the renewable energy project.

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Land preservation

We help landowners maintain the legacy of their land, keep it in hand, and preserve it for future generations while generating new, passive income. When a solar project reaches the end of its life, the land is remediated and put back into agricultural use.

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Community benefits

Landowners ensure their communities have access to cleaner, more affordable energy and a stream of property taxes that support local government and schools.

Our mission

Empowering communities and benefiting the environment

Penn Renewables empowers landowners and Pennsylvania communities to participate actively in the clean energy revolution. As a small-scale distributed generation renewables company, we provide accessible and sustainable energy solutions that benefit the environment and local communities.

By harnessing the power of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, every landowner can generate energy and contribute to a cleaner, greener future. Our innovative and customized solutions aim to transform Pennsylvania into a state powered by clean and sustainable technologies – reducing our carbon footprint and positively impacting the planet.

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Our approach

Collaboration and inclusivity

Penn Renewables centers around collaboration and inclusivity. We strive to build strong partnerships with landowners and their communities, leveraging our expertise to help navigate the complexities of building successful, long-lasting renewable energy systems. As a result, landowners enjoy personalized and tailored solutions that maximize the benefits of clean energy generation.

Integrity and transparency are at the core of our business, coupled with a commitment to provide accurate and comprehensive information that empowers landowners to make informed decisions about their clean energy future. We’re a team of experienced professionals who keep open lines of communication with clients and ensure that installations are efficient and meet the highest standards.

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Our story

A bright future for landowners, communities, and our planet

Penn Renewables’ origin is rooted in our desire to meaningfully impact Pennsylvania’s energy landscape – to create a nimble, small-scale company that educates landowners, democratizes accessible clean energy, and inspires a sustainable future.

Founded by renewable energy veterans, we cultivate the untapped potential of distributed renewable energy and its power to embolden landowners across the state. Valuable resources like land and rooftops generate reliable and long-term renewable energy, which, when harnessed, contributes to a cleaner environment.

Penn Renewables is a team of experts who engineer and manage renewable energy projects while focusing on building solid relationships with landowners, local communities, and regulatory bodies. We understand that collaboration and transparency are essential to overcoming barriers and achieving goals.

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